About Us

At Cake Universe, we are passionate about bringing the love of baking and decorating to everyone, everywhere & every day.

Our aim is to provide the best quality bakeware products to our customers. We stand behind every product we sell and provide 30 days money back guarantee. Our main focus is customer satisfaction, and is accomplished by providing top quality products and superfast delivery.

When it comes to bakeware and decorating tools, we have got you covered. We love seeing what you make, and we love helping you get there.

The message is simple – we know you love baking (and we do too) and we are constantly evolving to bring you quality products that make baking and decorating fun and easy. We are here to be your cheerleader, your dash of encouragement, because we know that you are more amazing than you think you are.

And just like you, we like to have fun. Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or just making it to a Friday, is what we love. We love to chill, love the spills to fulfil our thrills. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to make baking a piece of cake...

Our friendly and professional team is always there to help our customers in choosing right product and we are proud of it. We also provide products at wholesale prices to resellers or on bulk buying.